How to build with HempCrete – Does Hempcrete insulate?


Building with Hempcrete.  Can I insulate my home with hempcrete?  (from How Stuff Works)

It cost Martin $133 per square foot to build the first hemp house in the United States, well above the 2009 U.S. average of $83.89 [source: CNN]. And in the South, where he lives, he paid nearly twice the average price of $76.77 per square foot [source: National Home Builders Association]. So Martin is in the minority. But there might be more hemp homes, and the prices would likely go down, if the U.S. government legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp. But the federal government classifies all Cannabis sativa as marijuana, even though industrial hemp has much less THC [source Vantreese].

It has been a good year for hemp in general.  However THC and CBD rich varieties are still under scrutiny of the federal government until the Controlled Substances Act is nullified.
I think it was a good move by Trump to sign the Farm Bill.  However it is a bloody crime to not simply decriminalize cannabis entirely.
Here is some information on building with hemp, and WHY we need more hemp business in the USA.   We need to drive prices down, for a viable hemp market!

Here is a good youtube presentation on ‘Building with Hempcrete’

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention that activists like Stve Sarich, who has received prestigious awards for activism, and deserved it.
He has sad that these continued or even perhaps NEW criminalities on CBD’s is going in the wrong direction.  I sympathize with Steve Sarich’s concern about this.   I believe we should push a constitutional challenge of the controlled substances act, which seems to require a less difficult process to make law, than perhaps the prohibition of alcohol via the 18th Amendment.
To me it seems wrong that alcohol prohibition would need a constitutional amendment passed by congressional vote process, and the prohibition of cannabis (a less problematic substance) does not need a constitutional amendment?

Im looking forward to the new hemp market.  I wrote about my happiness here:

2018 Year in Review

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